Triple bottom Line: Technology, Economical, Social impact

About ToughWare

ToughWare is an engineering and design group dedicated to developing innovative new assistive technologies. There is a global need for prosthetic devices that are inexpensive, designed to enable intense physical activity, labor, self-reliance, and are easy to maintain.

Inspired by the many personal stories of hope, strength, determination and endurance shared with us by amputees around the world, ToughWare became aware of the great need for inexpensive assistive devices that are robust and highly functional.

ToughWare is fully committed to drive innovation and create conceptually radical technologies that are focused on matching and enhancing the needs and capabilities of the prosthesis users. ToughWare’ solutions are practical and effective: We do the hard work to create high-performance user-friendly designs.

In partnership with experts from multiple fields and funded through NIH research and development grants, we have created advanced new prosthetic technologies that deliver several benefits. There are inherent challenges in trying to develop universal applications that can be distributed locally as well as overseas. 

Our Patented technologies are available throughout the world and directly tackle the problem of providing appropriate technology solutions to benefit disadvantaged communities throughout the world. We constantly involve interested partners to devise new technology solutions and have fun while we are at it!