Inspired by the many personal stories of hope, strength, determination and endurance shared with us by amputees around the world, ToughWare became aware of the great need for inexpensive assistive devices that are robust and highly functional.

Our team’s multi-disciplinary skills enables us to effectively design practical solutions. We implement technologies are easily understood by the users, and promote on-site innovation. Our user-friendly designs are straightforward to understand, allowing users to quickly learn proficiency and device functions.

Core design principles include Simplicity and Affordability. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”- Leonardo da Vinci We do the hard work to create simple solutions.

Affordable: Our devices are in use around the world, to make these devices accessible we always consider the costs associated with the technology. All designs incorporate inexpensive replacement parts that are accessible, providing users with affordable repairs.


Quality you can really count on.

ToughWare products are proudly designed, developed, tested, and manufactured on the native soil of the United States of America.