At the core of all our devices is the appropriate application of Advanced Technology.
Our core competencies in Prosthetics, Biomechanics, Mechanism design,  rehabilitation and assistive devices, computing and materials, allow us to develop concepts that are simple, highly-functional and robust.
All designs are focused on matching and enhancing the capabilities of the prosthesis users.
ToughWare creates technologies that are conceptually radical in comparison to conventional prostheses.

Equilux™ VO/VC Terminal Device

ToughWare’s Equilux™ VO/VC Terminal Device (TD) is for amputees needing versatility for life’s adventures.

Humeral Suspension Cuff (HSC™)

ToughWare’s patented (US Pat. 8,414,658) Humeral Suspension Cuff (HSC™) provides exceptional suspension while preserving elbow full ROM.

International Transradial Adjustable Limb™ (ITAL™)

ToughWare purposefully created its patented (US Pat. 8,414,658) International Transradial Adjustable Limb™ (ITAL™) to help people worldwide live the lives they want to live.

Modular Cable System (MCS) Components

ToughWare’s high-performance Modular Cable System (MCS) components are designed for use with our rotary-swaged and polished stainless cable and low-friction polymer liner housing but will accept other manufacturers’ 1/16” diameter cable.

Retro Classic Hook

ToughWare Prosthetics developed its Retro Classic Hook to replace older terminal devices popular among farmers and ranchers.

Vari-Pinch Prehensor™ (V2P™)

ToughWare’s patented (US Pat. 8,052,761) Vari-Pinch Prehensor™, or V2P™, is a state-of-the-art body-powered (BP) voluntary-opening (VO) terminal device (TD) that delivers excellent grasp stability and versatility.

Ventilated Transradial Sport SocketTM (VTSS)

ToughWare’s Ventilated Transradial Sport Socket (VTSS) leverages the proven, robust HSC and forearm shell from the ITAL system to create a fully adjustable basic prosthetic frame for dedicated-purpose prostheses.


Quality you can really count on.

ToughWare products are proudly designed, developed, tested, and manufactured on the native soil of the United States of America.