Vari-Pinch Prehensor™ (V2P™) Artificial Hand Gripper

ToughWare’s patented Vari-Pinch Prehensor™, called the V2P™ (US Pat. 8,052,761), is a series of state-of-the-art body-powered (BP) voluntary-opening (VO) terminal devices (TD) delivering excellent grasp stability and versatility.


ToughWare’s patented Vari-Pinch Prehensor™, called the V2P™ (US Pat. 8,052,761), is a series of state-of-the-art body-powered (BP) voluntary-opening (VO) terminal devices (TD) delivering excellent grasp stability and versatility. Six (6) user-selectable pinch force settings ranging from approximately 3 lbf to 9 lbf enable users to match their grip force to individual tasks. Lower average cable tension improves dexterity, bolsters stamina for demanding tasks, helps prevent sound-side overuse, and reduces wear-and-tear on the user’s body and equipment. Along with its proven track record in service, multiple features set the V2P apart:

  • Broad, compliant gripping surfaces provide secure and stable grasp. Replacement of damaged or worn pads is inexpensive and easy.
  • HammerHead™ design allows for “back-handed” use and less pre-positioning.
  • Instead of a fixed high pinch force, adjustability reduces the average cable tension resulting in greater comfort and less physical exertion during operation.
  • Replacing elastic bands is simple as no tools are needed and the TD can be left in place.
  • Ordinary rubber bands can be used to custom-tailor grip force.
  • Exchanges one-for-one with most adult split hook models, no harness adjustment needed.
  • Accepts 9/32” standard ball terminals (3/16” connector plate option is available).
  • Industry-standard ½-20 UNF threaded mounting boss.
  • Accepts most commercial quick disconnect (QD) adapters with ½-20 UNF thread.
  • Removable “thumb” plate stabilizes flatware, writing utensils, etc.

Purposefully designed for strenuous physical activity, the V2P delivers reliable service in harsh environments. It will not jam or corrode with exposure to dust, saltwater, or bodily fluids.  Units are supplied for the left or right side in either stainless steel or high-performance engineering composite (EMS Grivory®). All V2P models incorporate ToughWare’s heavy-duty band attachment yoke for even greater ruggedness.

V2P 207: Stainless Steel

Our most robust terminal device, ToughWare’s model V2P-207 leverages state-of-the-art additive manufacturing and a high-strength stainless steel/bronze matrix hybrid material to create a product having optimized strength-to-weight ratio. Standard finishes include METAL and BLACK. Custom powder coat colors and patterns are possible (e.g., CAMOUFLAGE, STARS & STRIPES, FLAMES, metallics, etc.) for an additional cost. Please contact ToughWare to discuss customization options and lead times. METAL finish has a light gold metallic color and is naturally antimicrobial.

V2P-207 in METAL finish.

V2P-207 in BLACK powder coat finish.

V2P-207 in METAL finish (left) and BLACK powder coat finish (right).

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V2P-307: High-Strength Engineering Polymer Resin

ToughWare’s model V2P-307 is made from EMS Grivory® glass-filled composite engineering polymer resins, developed for automotive and aerospace applications. These units are very tough, unaffected by exposure to saltwater or biological fluids, and are colored throughout so they hide scuffing and wear well. They are also gentle on car paint and interiors, furniture, and home appliances. Sportsmen tell us they are ideal for use with high-end fishing tackle and firearms. Standard finishes include BLACK and COCOA (mocha brown). These units are particularly well-suited for bilateral amputees and those with sensitive residuums.

V2P -307 in BLACK resin.

V2P -307 in COCOA brown resin.

V2P -307 in BLACK resin (left) and COCOA brown resin (right).

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Terminal Device Parts

Tip Boot Set

V2P-BOOT-BK Pair of black food-grade Santoprene® thermoplastic rubber tip boots for the V2P. Includes instructions and optional retaining bands and zip ties for more aggressive users.

Black Rubber Band Set

V2P-RBND-BK Package of 25 bands, size 19, black UV-stabilized latex rubber bands for the V2P.

Elastic Bungee Ring (Band Replacement)

V2P-BNG-BKReplaces multiple rubber bands with a single 
bungee ring for the V2P. Gives pinch forces ranging from approximately 3 lbf to 9 lbf.

Connector Plate

V2P-CPLT-932Connector plate for standard 9/32” diameter (large) ball cable terminals for the V2P.
V2P-CPLT-316Connector plate for standard 3/16” diameter (small) ball cable terminals for the V2P.

Thumb Plate

V2P-TPLTStandard Thumb Plate fits left and right V2P units.
V2P-NTPLTPlate fills space but has no thumb tab, fits left and right V2P units.

Heavy Duty Band Attachment Yoke Kit

V2P-HDYOKE-KITNew heavy-duty band attachment yoke for the V2P replaces older design. Retrofits to all V2P models. Includes instructions and hex keys for installation.

Pinch Force Adjustment Slider

V2P-SLIDERReplacement pinch force adjustment slider for all V2P models.

Insurance L Code Justifications

Affordable: Our devices are in use around the world, to make these devices accessible we always consider the costs associated with the technology. All designs incorporate inexpensive replacement parts that are accessible, providing users with affordable repairs.